We, the CMIs, are very happy to welcome you to our communities and institutions of apostolate. Young men are cordially invited to join the congregation and become missionaries, committing themselves to God in prayer and discipleship, and to all people of God in love and service. ‘Associates of CMIs’ (ACMI) that are established attached to our houses and institutions are groups of men and women who partake of the CMI spirit and join with us in prayer and service. We lead a life of prayer and apostolic service; there are among us contemplatives who live in ashrams, retreat preachers, pastors, teachers, administrators, scientists, social workers, counselors, so on and so forth. All of you are welcome to associate with us in whatever way possible to carry on the light of faith by joining the various ministries of the congregation. We wholeheartedly welcome young men with the zeal of Prophet Elijah to work in the Lord’s vineyard to become a CMI and live the legacy of this religious congregation which shares the triple roots of spirituality, namely, Indian, Oriental, and Carmelite.